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Opening Reception at the Art League Gallery in the
Torpedo Factory, Alexandria on November 9


It was an absolutely amazing evening! Thanks to all of you who came to my Opening Reception at the Art League Gallery at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria on Thursday November 9 - it was really heartwarming to meet you all and meant the world to me!! I'm so happy, proud and grateful for having the opportunity to be one of the chosen artists to do a Solo Show. Please stop by any day before December 3. Check out the opening hours at www.theartleague.org

To see all the pictures in the show click on Gallery/Art League Gallery Solo Show above


Welcome to my world of Art.

Here you can find information about what I am currently doing, what I have been doing earlier and what I am planning for the future... 

You are very welcome to contact me through this page or directly at karinlithell@hotmail.com

I hope you like what you see and find what you are looking for!

Last year I studied to become an Art teacher. It was fantastic to be able to devote my full attention to art and how to teach art. Above you see my Exam project "Valborg - set your table for a spring feast". This is a collection in Raku fired Ceramics and Screen printed Fabric. 
To the right you see one of my largest paintings hanging in its new home in Hellerup, just north of Copenhagen in Denmark. It is Pionees painted in oil on canvas and measures 160x160 cm.

My favorite way of painting is with a knife, preferably in oil, but every now and then also in acrylic. To the left you see "Lindengasse 11, Vienna" which was recently exhibited and sold at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virgina, USA. Above you see the Royal Guards marching close to the Queens palace Amalienborg in Copenhagen, Denmark, on a stormy winterday. Both paintings are done with acrylic paint and a knife on canvas.