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Here you can find information about what I am currently doing, what I have been doing earlier and what I am planning for the future... 

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                                       what's going on?

This is my latest experiment on Abstract Art with inspiration from the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. Looking at my photos searching for the patterns made me very happy and very dizzy. Managed to fill the canvas with color and patterns yesterday. Now I just need to wait and see what else needs to go in there - or be taken out...
Hope you'll get more happy than dizzy from looking at the painting :)!


Took the course "Line and Wash" at the Art League School in Alexandria, VA two weeks ago. A lot of fun to get back into Watercolor and to draw with a bamboo stick for the first time :)

If you head to Gallery 75 in the Torpedo Factory, Old Town Alexandria, VA you will find some of my Silk Screen prints on display and in the bins. Hope that you'll find something that you like!

             mixed oldies and how to look further

I'm an Artist, an Art Educator and an Economist. I'm the mother of three beautiful children, happy wife of my high school sweetheart and lucky to call myself friend and family to many amazing people. 
If you want to know a bit more of who I am, check out "About Karin". If you want to know what I've been up to take a look under "Earlier Exhibitions & Events". To take a look at many more of my paintings zoom in under  "Gallery" and chose your favorite subject. For a deeper understanding of the process of some of my works read the "Project" section. Have fun and please contact me with any questions, concerns or comments under "Contacts".

My favorite way of painting is with a knife, preferably in oil, but every now and then also in acrylic. To the left you see "Lindengasse 11, Vienna" which was exhibited and sold at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. Above you see the Royal Guards marching close to the Queens palace Amalienborg in Copenhagen, Denmark, on a stormy winterday. Both paintings are done with acrylic paint and a knife on canvas. Above the guards you can see one of my largest paintings hanging in its new home in Hellerup, just north of Copenhagen in Denmark. It is Pionees painted in oil on canvas and measures 160x160 cm.