It all started in Russia
I started to paint when I lived in S:t Petersburg in the end of the 1990's. Through friends I met the Russian artist
 Lisa  Michailova. At my first visit to her studio I thought to myself "I want to learn everything she knows". It turned out that Lisa was a very well educated and experienced artist, although she was only 30. So the possibility for me to learn "everything she knew" was mabye a bit exaggerated, but she started to teach me in her studio once a week. Lisa was a fantastic teacher and I was an attentive pupil. We got along very well and she taught me most of what I know today about colors, technics, materials etc. She was also a quite strict teacher that stood behind me and said repeatedly "quicker, quicker..."  My years as a student in Lisa's studio came to an end when I moved back to Sweden in 2001. We celebrated our co-operation with the joint exihibition "The teacher and the pupil" in both S:t Petersburg and Sweden. Our friendship still lasts :)

On my own in Tallinn 

After a couple of years in Sweden my husband and I had been blessed with our first child and moved to Tallinn in Estonia. At this point I once again got some more time to devote to my painting. But without my fantastic teacher I felt lost and did not have the courage to paint in the same way as I had been doing in S:t Petersburg. As a mother I got a lot of inspiration from our daughter and I started to experiment with some new materials and new motives. I put together some series for children displaying for example animals and angel-princes. In the end of 2006 I created an exhibition within this theme. To my great delight the art pieces were very popular and my lions, monkeys, angel-princes and "lucia trains" are now spread all over the world :) 

New inspiration in Stockholm  

Back in Stockholm, time once again became a restricting factor for my painting possibilities. Eventually I was lucky to meet the clever artist Elke Leischen Andersson. At Elke's I developed my technic during almost two years. This development and deepening resulted in an exhibition at Kungsholmen in Stockholm that got very good response. Elke Leischen Andersson was born and raised in Germany and that is also where she got her solid art education. Please visit to see some of her paintings and her curicculum.

Abroad again - Copenhagen...

In August 2011 my family and I moved to Copenhagen. Our family had been blessed with twin boys, so now we were a family of five settling in. After some initial months of acclimatization for everyone I once again had more time to devote to my painting. At this point I was braver and felt more consistent to my aim to seriously make art a priority in my life. During our four years in Copenhagen I carried out a couple of solo exhibitions, was chosen to take part in some censored exhibitions, did a lot of paintings on comission and started to study to become an art teacher. For more information about the exhibitions check out "Exhibitions & Projects" above. Copenhagen is a vibrant city for art lovers and it was a fantastic privilege to live there for a couple of years. Among others it gave me the possility to take part in several courses at a few of Europe's finest art institutions like Louisiana and the National Gallery of Denmark. 

... and Washington DC
Now our family are settled in Washington DC for new adventures since August 2014. The DC Metro area is really a much more vibrant region for art than I ever expected! There are many opportunities for both established and rising artists here - and Americans are very willing to share there knowledge and information about were to find information in a way that has been very encouraging. 

I have found my way to The Art Leauge at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA (, where I learn how to do Silk Screen printing and found an amazing Mentor in Lisa Semirad. What I'm most proud of so far is that I've been chosen to do a Solo Exhibition in the Art Leauge Gallery during November 2017. Please read under "Projects" above to find more information about the exhibition. 

Part from preparing for the Solo Exhibition I'm developing other Art Projects such as Art Workshops in House of Sweden, being a Docent at the National Portrait Gallery, hosting annual Holiday Bazaars in our home, taking part in Art All Night and other local Art Initiatives. 

Please keep coming back to my homepage and I will keep you posted :)!!


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